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Persian silver shaded.
Father : Severnoe Ozherel"e
Mather : Ch CFA Kelevra

Brought directly from Russia to Aryssa Persians.

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This negative test of PKD for DNA, FeLV and FIV.



Copito de Aryssa

Male persian silver shaded

Alonso de Aryssa


Akira de Aryssa

Female persian silver shaded

Akira de Aryssa


Dulcinea de Aryssa

Female persian silver shaded

Dulcinea de Aryssa



Köre de Aryssa

Drogon de Aryssa

Carlota de Aryssa

Poldark de Aryssa

Byron de Aryssa


In Memory.......


Always in our hearts.

One day destiny took us to you, you were a change in my life,

you were very important, fate acted again .........

you will always be in our hearts, in our memories, in each one

of the kittens that carry your genes ............... We love you.


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